Siren Song

Like a siren song
Whispered on the wind
You’ve been calling out to me
So I’ll let you draw me out
Let you clear away the rubble
Tend the scrapes and scratches 
Wipe the dust from my eyes
Ease the pain of years
Spent in this cramped confinement 
Of the prison I’ve called safety
The kiln fired cast I’ve worn forever
Protection from the world or myself I can’t be sure


The flash of an ember
Briefly lighting your face
Seen from the darkness a block away
drawing me in
I can almost imagine
The scent of smoke on your skin
Mixed with bourbon and vanilla 
That I can’t help but drink in


Somehow we got our wires crossed
And what I said got lost in what you thought you heard
Because sometimes it’s not anything deeper
Sometimes it’s just the honest answer
Even when it’s not what you wanted
When you’re digging for meaning where it doesn’t exist
Because I said all

But I didn’t say now

Should Statements

I should sleep anyway
It’s safer beneath the uneven stitches of this quilt
Sewn by loving hands before you stole my breath


I'm white knuckled on the wheel

But there’s an addiction
To this loss of control

That I hate and can’t get enough of
That I wish I could keep at bay

But your pull is unavoidable
A riptide fastened to my soul

Sewn so deeply in my bones
I don’t know where it starts and I end

It’s safer to stay away
But I’ll let you pull me under

To feel that burning in my lungs
And the sweet relief of letting go