Emergency Contact

The question that stares you in the face bolder than any mime or homeless man begging change on the street.

Not even a full question.

It’s a statement that causes you to pause and take stock of your every relationship.

From age 0 to 26 the answer is given seemingly before you even know it’s been asked but after that, it’s the question you’ll ask yourself late at night acting as an island amidst the surging waves of covers thrown askew by your tides.

The question that you’ll encounter in every waiting room and HR office which will sometimes, sucker punch you in the face harder than Mohammed Ali can sting like a bee.

Emergency contact.

When you’re lying on the floor and the crowd around you doesn’t contain a familiar face, who will be there?

Who will be your tether to the remains of the world falling to pieces around you?

Who cares enough about you to drop everything and come to the rescue of the damsel you swore you’d never become?

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