Dear Inner Thighs

Dear Inner Thighs,


We’re your eyes.

You know, the ones you use to inspect every millimeter of yourself
in mirrors and windows and even just when were cast down?
You’ve used us to find every stretchmark, cellulite dimple and soft spot.
I know it’s easy for you to train our gaze on yourself but we have a small request.

Can you not?

When you use us to obsess over yourself, you don’t let us see the things we’d rather look at.

We see meals filled with laughter,
a warm spot when your hands or hers are ice cubes,

We see a balancing act that keeps your butt from looking photoshopped onto your body,
a perfect resting place when you’re shaking and she finally takes a breath.

We see more perfection in your inches of skin than Monet’s lily pads.

So…Can you just not?
Not use us to see something that isn’t there?
It’s exhausting and taxing and to be quite honest,
not worth our time.

Your Eyes

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