When I was younger, I had these reoccurring dreams

They always found me in that deepest moment
Just before waking
And held my hand through the day
Keeping me from fully waking to the world

In one I stood in the middle of a circle of people
In a room flooded with blue green murky light

They were all screaming at me
But I couldn’t speak the language

In another, I could only see my left forearm and hand

It was all in black and white
And my arm was the arm of a child
Soft and dimpled at the knuckles
With blood red ladybugs seeping from my skin

My breath sounded ragged in my ears in another
And I felt like I could run forever
Which is nice when there’s someone running after you

I could taste my heart in the back of my throat
Running forever
Because if I stopped

I wouldn’t have the strength to keep you off

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