The 2:1 Rule

Hello Joyflakes!

As I'm sure you won't be surprised to find out, I love reading blogs. Each morning when I wake up, I click through all of the notifications on my phone to clear them. I go through Facebook and twitter and instagram and snapchat, but I save bloglovin' for last. It's my favorite and I like taking a minute to catch up with my favorite bloggers.

This morning, I was incredibly happy to see on of my favorite series is back up. Louise, writer of Sprinkle of Glitter had put her Motivational Monday series and her blog on hold in order to focus on her family. Now that things are a bit more settled she is back and better than ever! She has truly turned something that takes many years for some women to get through and turned it into a positive force in her life. Not that I or anyone else is surprised. She is an amazing lady!

Motivational Monday is a wonderful series in which Louise finds a quote or a plaque and lets all of her readers know just why it spoke to her. It's a great source of positive energy on a Monday morning.

This mornings Motivational Monday is all about body image. The quick and dirty version goes a little something like this. A friend told Louise that she rarely has one of those moments when she feels good about the way she looks, and it made Louise sad, but also made her think about her own feelings about her body. And if you ask me, she has the perfect way to combat the negative thoughts.

She calls it the 2:1 rule. For every one bad thought you have about your body, you say two things that you love.

For example: Yesterday I pulled out my summer clothes and put on shorts for the first time this year. It was awful. I felt like a sausage and I hated every second of it. I promptly told myself I was too fat, yanked them off, and went out to purchase a bigger size with a longer inseam all the while mentally tearing myself apart for letting my desk job get the better of my waistline.

Instead, with the 2:1 rule, I probably would have had the same "you're fat" thoughts running through my head but for every time I thought it, I would also have said "your boobs look great in that shirt" and  "you've done a really good job on your eyebrows this week" or "you're so lucky you don't have to wear mascara with those long curly lashes".

What I love about this tidbit of motivation is that it isn't focused on changing anything about yourself. It's about showing yourself some love and allowing yourself to be happy with yourself just the way you are. Even if it's just for a minute.

So, thank you Louise. For your fantastic Motivational Monday. I'm going to make a goal of living with the 2:1 rule. And I would love it if you all joined me too!



Hello Joyflakes!

Recently I decided that I needed to cast my net out a little wider with the blogs I read. I needed to take a chance on someone quirky and funny and interesting who didn't make me feel like I was massively behind the rest of my blogging generation in terms of my commitment to my blog. What happened, was that I found a wonderful blogger who also happens to be a staff writer at my favorite website Hello Giggles. She doesn't write every day, or even every week and it doesn't seem to wrack her with guilt like it does to me sometimes.

What she does do though, is a post called "(insert month), Recently". It's a quick and easy way to keep her readers updated on what she's been doing that month and I love the format. Not only is it something I feel like I can actually commit myself to, but it's also a great way to keep tabs on what I've been doing so that later in life I can look back and feel nostalgic. My favorite!

So, without further ado. Here is my first recently post.

Dragonfly in Amber, by Diana Gabaldon. This is the second book in the Outlander series and it's my second time reading it. If you've never read Outlander I suggest you shut your computer, go to the library, and enjoy one of the best books I've ever read.

March meant getting back to my blog. I wrote twice and I'm hoping to make it more of a thing in April. We shall see though.

Moving & Shaking:
As you all know, I started going to yoga. I'm going to a class with my coworkers on Wednesday nights and it's been pretty great so far. I did take my friend along last night who is an instructor herself and learned that the teacher is massively under qualified....but at least it's getting me started! Once I finish up these few classes, I will be finding a new studio and hopefully becoming one of those crazy yoga ladies.

March Sounded Like: 
I'm in love with this song. It's been a wonderful addition to my Saturday Sounds playlist and also makes the perfect song to sing in the car.

I hope you've all enjoyed my first stab at a recently post! I love that it's a simple way to update you on a lot of my life at once.


My Thoughts During Yoga Class

Hey Joyflakes!

I am happy to let you all know that I survived yoga week. I'm not really sure what I was so terrified of but it probably has to do with looking stupid or falling over...two things I am very very good at.

Class started out with some simple stretching and focusing on breathing. Then, we moved into the more well known poses. Finally, we ended with a few moments of relaxation where your warm and stretched out body floats into the wonderful void of nothingness that is so hard to find between work, classes, and dealing with other humans.

I don't know why I was so surprised by the way yoga went but I did find myself realizing things about my self, my body, and the whole yoga craze while I focused on my downward dog. Here are just a few of them.

1. I wonder what playlist this is?

The music that they play is naturally very soft, soothing, ambient music but it would make a KILLER playlist to listen to at work. If any of you have a good yoga playlist let me know!

2. When did my toes get so far away?

As a former dancer, I've always prided myself on being pretty darn flexible. But, apparently I've lost more flexibility than I thought over the last few years.

3. I'm sweating just from does anyone do hot yoga?!

I am both impressed and terrified by hot yoga. I know that someday, when I've been doing yoga for a while I'll give it a try, but for now? I'm more terrified than intrigued.

4. Wait, how long are we supposed to stand here on one leg?

Thank god for all of those leg lifts and arabesques in dance...I don't think I would make it through this otherwise

5. Alright lady, we get it. you're like REALLY into yoga...but you wouldn't last that long on one leg if you were turning.

I'll admit it. I got a little competitive during yoga. The woman in front of me was giving off an aura of "I'm the queen of yoga and you're going to wish you were as good as I am" and it made me want to kick her.

6. So when do we stand on our heads? I'm pretty sure I'm ready to stand on my head.

Yoga was way less intimidating and complicated than I was expecting it to be...probably because I only see my friends and acquaintances who are yoga instructors Instagram accounts.

7. When is the next class?!

In short, I loved it. It was a great combination of stretching, core workout, and relaxation and I can't wait to take another class. Once my classes start I'll be able to go at the rec which will make life way easier. Upside-down crow here I come!

In the mean time, if any of you know of a good yoga app or videos that I can do at home for free please let me know in the comments!