Going, Going, Gone!

Hello Joyflakes!

If there is anything in life that I am "girly" about it would have to be my hair.  I love that I have the ability to wear it curly, or straight, or natural and crazy.  It is definitely part of my identity and has always weirdly been a perfect match for whatever my mood is that day.  The interesting thing about this is that until high school, I had my hair cut incredibly short...we're talking 6 guard, razor cuts, "boy" short.  In high school though, I grew my hair out so that I could put it in a bun/pony for dance and as it got longer and longer, it also got curlier and curlier.

What? senior pictures what?

After high school, I "cut it all off" and my curls curled tighter and I loved it MORE.

In college, I fully embraced my giant hair and at times, it may have gotten little out of hand but hey...the higher the hair the closer to God right?!


And then, tragedy struck my life...my hair uncurled.  Literally, one day I woke up and it was as if my hair had given up. So after months and months of trying new products and new stylists and messy-buns, I made a courageous decision....and it's all gone.

It has been a couple of weeks since I went under the razor and I have to say that I'm really loving my hair again. The curl is thankfully coming back and it is incredible to have my hair done and ready to go in under 5 minutes!  I think I'll keep it short for a while and then grow it out again.  Maybe I'll be able to have a crazy fro again someday :)


That girl needs a hobby...

Hello my lovely Joyflakes!

As you might be able to tell from my new layout, I have had a little time on my hands which means I think it's time for a new hobby. If you have known me for years, you know that I regularly become very excited about something, declare it to be my new "thing" and about a month later I'm on to something else. This has happened with more things than I can count, from knitting (I can make a MEAN scarf) to my intense desire to learn how to play the zither after hearing this song.  It's not that I can't stick to something if I really need or want to...I just get kind of bored. In high school, I was constantly busy working or dancing or having a social life so I didn't have this issue, but ever since I started college, every few months to a year I decide that I'm going stir crazy and need to do something new. It doesn't matter how amazing I feel like my life is, I start to get bored.

Usually I don't have trouble finding new hobbies. I'm an avid pinterester but right now, it's just not coming as easily as I want it to. Sure it might be fun to learn how to make my own candles from crayons or knit with my arms, but really what does that get me? A lot of not so great looking or smelling candles and a lumpy blanket? No thanks. The crayons would be better used by kindergarteners and I'd probably just end up with my arms tied together.

With Pinterest failing me, and my random google searches of "what should my hobby be" or "I'm bored" turning up absolutely zilch, I am taking suggestions.  Any ideas for me?!


Looking at 25

Hello Joyflakes,

Each year, at new years, people make resolutions.  Things that they want to do in that year. Little promises that they make to themselves in hopes of bettering themselves.  I have always tended to do this around my birthday because it is close to new years but it is the time that I really start to think about the past year and reflect on what I did or didn't do that year.

Last year at this time I was planning all of the amazing things I was going to do and promising myself that I would make so many changes in my 24th year.  I was picturing the person I would be as I looked forward to my 25th birthday and I was sure that I would be much more grown up and ready to take on the world.  I would save a ton of money, write on my blog everyday, start working towards blogging being a bigger and bigger part of my life (internet stardom was just around the corner, I was sure!) and couldn't wait to turn the page to my new, adult life in Iowa City.  The funny thing about making promises to yourself and all of the people who may or may not be reading your blog, is that those promises can all easily be blown up by the very thing that you are trying your best to change. Life.

So when new years eve started to creep up, and everyone started making their yearly resolutions to "lose weight" or "save money" or "try new things", I decided not to promise myself anything at all this year.  I thought about all of the things that I had promised myself in the past, and realized that I had never in my life stuck to a resolution.  Life had always gotten in the way.

The funny thing about not making a resolution is that I suddenly started to do those things I normally would have pressured myself into doing without even thinking about it.  I started working out more and more because of the way it made me feel emotionally and physically, not because I felt like I was letting down my readers and myself if I didn't.  I added an automatic transfer to my savings account not because I had decided "I must save 20% of each paycheck or I'm not a real adult" but because I decided that I wanted to be able to help myself out rather than asking for it if something horrible happened (like having my car towed, or needing to go to the hospital unexpectedly).  I started a reading challenge with the girl cousins/siblings I have that are close in age to me so that we could stay connected and have the opportunity to read for fun (even some of my co-workers joined in!)

Each of these things, would make an awesome resolution, but without the pressure of having to keep the promise I had made to myself, they became fun things rather than tedious, things hanging over my head. So this year, I have no resolutions. No promises to myself for the year other than to do things that make me a happier, more fulfilled person.  If at some point, one of these things doesn't make me happy anymore? I don't have to feel bad about it, I just have to redirect my path to something that does.

All in all, I feel like its a pretty good way to start out my 25th year and a good attitude to start off a new year with.  How about you? How do you feel about yearly resolutions? Let me know in the comments below :)

Until next time!