Hello Joyflakes!

It appears that the blogging bug has bitten me again because I can't stop thinking about new posts. I feel like this happens every year around the holidays but hopefully this time I can keep the ideas coming through a full year.

Today dawned dreary and cold with a wind that whips through any amount of clothes so I suppose that winter is finally starting to show its face in the midwest. We've had a lovely fall but I have to say, I'm pretty excited that the weather is finally starting to feel like it matches up with the date on my calendar. It makes it much easier to get into the holiday spirit. Don't you think?

The chilly weather also means that it's once again acceptable to spend every waking moment snuggled up in blankets and sweatpants with hot cups of tea and good books and shows. My favorite! My SO and I got back from our thanksgiving trip to visit both of our families late last night and barely got our things unpacked and put away before collapsing into bed with The Crown. We've become slightly obsessed with it recently and I can't wait to get home and watch another ep tonight.

Winter's coming also marks the fact that my first semester back in school full time is drawing to a close. I am proud to report that I'm on track to receive my best set of grades ever (literally since kindergarten) and will be graduating in the Spring. I honestly thought that I may never get here so I'm very much feeling on top of the world. That said, I've got a few more things to tie up before the close of classes and I've got a couple things left to do for my graduate school applications so I can't rest yet. As my sister-in-law always says, "It's time to kick it to the finish!"

I've got some new things coming at you over my school break so keep your eyes peeled for that!


P.S. My next post is my 100th! How should we celebrate?!