The Farmers Market: Louisville, KY

Happy Wednesday Joyflakes!

I love the farmers market. It's by far one of the best parts of summer. At home in Iowa City, we have two farmers markets a week and it's a great place to kill some time, eat some delicious food, and stock up on the amazing fresh summer produce. But since I'm currently in Kentucky visiting my parents (although  by the time you read this I supposed I'll be in Wisconsin), I got to experience another farmers market in Louisville.

We went in with a mission to have a great breakfast, and to buy a bushel of corn to put up for the coming months when fresh produce isn't so readily available.

Breakfast consisted of breakfast burrito bowls for my parents and a delicious breakfast sandwich on a fresh pretzel bun for me. We sat at picnic tables and talked about all of our plans for my visit. The list included lots of food to eat and lots of shopping. My kind of vacation!

After scarfing down our breakfasts, we headed into the stalls to buy peaches, tomatoes, berries, and of course, corn.

Don't you love all of the colors!? The peaches were SPECTACULAR! Perfectly ripe and juicy without being smooshy. yum.

One of my favorite parts of farmers markets is the fresh flowers. While I rarely feel like I have enough of a budget to stock my house with fresh flowers at the moment, I can't help but admire them. Especially when there are sunflowers (my favorite flower) in abundance!

Corn in hand, mission accomplished, we headed home to put up our 60 ears (and eat a few too!) but more on that later.

What do you love about the farmers market?