For Goodness Crêpes! Louisville, KY

Happy Hump Day Crêpe Day Joyflakes!

When I was a student at Iowa State University in Ames, IA, my friend Emily and I had a tradition of going out for crêpes every Wednesday afternoon or evening at a place called Stomping Grounds where I worked. Stomping Grounds is a french inspired café and coffee shop in campus town and they have some of the best food in Ames. It's simple, the portion sizes and prices aren't outrageous, and its the kind of place  you can go on a date, to study in your yoga pants, or to start a night out with friends with a glass of wine or a beer. In short, it's one of my favorite places.

But since leaving Ames, I haven't had the opportunity to go out for crêpes. So, since my mom and I are planning a trip to France after I graduate, we thought my visit to Louisville was the perfect time to try out one of the crêperies in town.

Enter, For Goodness Crêpes, a funky little place located on Baxter and with a menu that can suit any mood you're in.

The restaurant is pretty small with only about 25 seats, but they pack a lot of flavor into each crêpe on the menu. I opted for a sweet, lemon and berry crêpe called "Quite the D'Lemon" while my mom opted for a breakfast crêpe stuffed with eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and basil mayo called the "Jiggy Piggy". Both were FANTASTIC.

It's a good thing that I don't live here, because you can bet your butt I would be at For Goodness Crêpes a lot and both my wallet and my waistline would be in BIG trouble. Needless to say, on my next trip to Louisville, we will be making a stop for some crêpe goodness.