"I'm a real girl"

Hello Joyflakes!

A few weeks ago I told my sister that I would go glasses shopping with her. Any of you who wear glasses know that taking someone along with you when you shop is an absolute MUST. What you think looks good can too easily be swayed by what styles you've always loved even if they don't actually fit your face. After finding a pair of specs that we both agreed were just the right size and shape, we ordered them and then had an hour to kill as they got her lenses ready so we headed over to Sephora.

There's something about the relationship between sisters that just makes saying "what's wrong with your face" not only rude, but acceptable. In the case of that day, it was my foundation. I've gone back and forth about make up forever. I go from barely wearing any (case in point: today), to contouring more often than a Kardashian at least twice a year and there are multiple stages in between.

On this particular day, I was on my way back to wearing a full face of makeup and hadn't purchased foundation in long enough that putting it on would have made me look sun kissed everywhere above my neck and pale as casper below.

Needless to say, I needed some help. And as always when I need makeup advice, I turned to my sister. She is like my own personal beauty guru. She bought me my first real makeup (bare minerals about 10 years after everyone else had started using it) and was just the person to force me into finally getting officially matched.

For those of you who are not familiar with the process, here's a quick and dirty rundown. You walk in to the shop filled with shiny tubes of things you can't really afford, admit your ignorance and inability to make your face look like a celebrity, they sit you down, take a couple of pictures and voila. You've got a perfect shade of foundation to match your face. The technology is actually pretty fantastic. And the people who work there and match you are knowledgeable enough to know when the technology is just a little off and find you literally the perfect shade.

I don't know that they've officially turned me into a Sephora addict like my sister (just admit it sister, you know you are) but they have introduced me to some fantastic new products.

I'll be doing an "empties post" soon so I'll let you know just how my Sephora spree worked out.