The Evolution of Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween Joyflakes!

It's that time of year again. Girls of all ages will be dressing up in costumes that are in no way weather appropriate and there will be at least 3 sets of Mario Brothers at each party/bar you enter. What's crazy to me, is the difference in costumes over my 25 years of life.

When I was younger, Halloween was a day to wear an appropriate costume to school and then go trick-or-treating around your neighborhood in what may have been a different, less appropriate costume. Princesses, crazy Hawkeye fans, cheerleaders, grim reapers, pirates, indians, peter pan, there were all kinds of options for costumes. The one I saw most often though, was the child dressed in a giant winter coat with 10 pounds of makeup or face paint. You know the one I'm talking about right? It was insanely popular here in the midwest. The kids with the really glitzy big coat costume might even have had a hat to go along with it.

As I grew up and entered high school, trick-or-treating either became something you may have had to do with the kids you babysat for, or something you wouldn't do because you knew a pumpkin full of candy was nowhere near worth the effort of finding the perfect giant coat costume. Instead, we shed our giant coats to hang out in basements wearing costumes that rarely required real pants. Growing up in a college town meant that the basement you hung out in may have been your friends...or it may have been the sketchy house party someone you knew, knew someone at. Either was much warmer, much smellier, and completely free of giant coats.

In college, costumes tended to come from one of two camps. Option one, the "sexy            ." This costume could be pretty much anything. Sexy nurse, sexy girl scout (keeping that old sash DID prove to be a good idea!), sexy librarian, sexy zombie, the options are endless. Option two, was the "I'm hilarious" costume. This option generally required more cloth to DIY and often required more explanation but you may have been more comfortable.

Post college, my Halloween game has gotten stronger. Last year I was Paula Deen and Misha was a stick of butter and we clearly won the holiday. This year? I'll be working and as such will be a very work appropriate Rosie the Riveter. My hope is that by next year I will be able to dress up for the holiday as a woman on the couch with a glass of wine, bowl of popcorn, and Netflix.

What are your Halloween plans?