My sophomore year in college I moved in to the AOII house and lived with my big, Lauren.  There were a few things that I will never forget about living with Lauren that semester, like eating obscene amounts of cheese balls or pretty much never wearing real pants, but the thing that has stuck with me most is my need to have a movie or tv show playing in the background constantly when I'm alone. I currently have The Holiday playing on repeat behind me.

That year I "watched" Cars more times than I can count and learned that The Blind Side has the best title page music to sleep to. But through that semester there was one show that Lauren and I binge watched like crazy. For a 5 solid seasons, we sat in our beds with the door shut, chose not to go out on weekends, ate crap and watched Bones.

Season 10 just went live on Netflix and as I've been sitting with Mish watching ep after ep, I can't help but think about my big and those wonderful days in the toaster watching Bones. Isn't it crazy how something as little as watching a show can become one of your favorite memories with someone?