A Productive Weekend

Hello Joyflakes :)

It is late Sunday evening and I'm snuggled into bed under our new twinkle lights feeling very cozy.  This weekend Misha and I tackled the final few boxes in our rooms AND did all of our laundry.  To say that I'm feeling accomplished doesn't even cut it.  We now have a fully functional "front room" where we can get away from everything and then our bed room which I have fully decked out in a new tapestry and copper wire twinkle lights.  I am more than a little obsessed with these twinkle lights.  They're just so dainty and cute!

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After a long Saturday of unpacking and organizing and going through all of my clothes to see what I could get rid of, I used today to have a little me time.  It started with an impromptu brunch at the Bluebird Diner which is always a great option if you're within 20 miles and need some perfectly poached Eggs Benedict.  Post brunch where I clearly ate too much, we headed to Costco and wandered about picking up everything our odd little family of 5 roommates could ever want. By the time we got home all that I wanted to do was curl up on the futon and read.  Which I did for all of about 10 minutes before I zonked out and napped the morning away.  Finally fully rested, I spent the afternoon watching movies and snuggling Izzy.  To say it was a lazy day is an understatement...but I did manage to get a tiny bit of work done before enjoying a face mask, glass of red wine, and more Izzy snuggles.  Now cleansed and moisturized I'm ready to get to bed and grab a full 40 winks before starting out on a new week.  I think that having two days off in a row agrees with me!  Keep your eyes pealed for more updates throughout the week! I promise they'll be more exciting than this was and contain less naps.