Iowa City Blues

Hello Joyflakes,

Today dawned foggy and grey and I woke up with a sore throat that just won't go away which has put me in a very droopy mood. Whenever I get into such a mood I start to think about the fact that although I've gone a lot of places in the US, I have never really lived anywhere else (ames is a small town in that's basically the same as living at home) or been out of the country.  That last fact is so depressing to me that just thinking about it puts me in a very deep funk. Over the years though, I've learned some ways to deal with it and one of my coping mechanisms is to get on pinterest or youtube and look at/watch peoples lives in other places.  London, LA, Denver, Santorini, Paris, Stockholm, Edinburgh, Bergen...the list of places that I want to live in or visit is incredibly long so it helps to plan out my trips or do job searches even if I know that the chance of my moving to England for a job is basically zero.  It makes me feel like I'm doing a little something to get myself out of the town I've grown up in.

Growing up in Iowa City is a very different experience from other places in the world.  Home to a big 10 university with a med school, law school, dental school, pharm school, and one of the worlds best writing programs means that people come from all over the world just to study here.  Iowa City has produced some of the best academic minds in the world and that means there is always something happening.  We may have thought it was boring growing up but I don't know too many other kids who grew up in the midwest and had seen broadway caliber plays and danced with pilobolus before even graduating from elementary school.

In a way I think it makes us kind of jaded.  We say "oh I guess I'll just go to Iowa" as if getting into a major university isn't a big deal.  It's normal to have friends who weren't born in the US or who's parents are regularly published and recognized for major academic and scientific discoveries.  Coming out of the closet here I had absolutely no fear that my girlfriend and I would be accepted and loved.  It's an amazing place to grow up and I understand why people stay here forever but for some reason, I just can't stop thinking about the fact that no matter how lucky growing up her makes me, there is so much out there that I've never seen.

For now, I have to stay here and be an adult, but mark my words...I'll get to take my trip someday...and it will be AMAZING.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?