That girl needs a hobby...

Hello my lovely Joyflakes!

As you might be able to tell from my new layout, I have had a little time on my hands which means I think it's time for a new hobby. If you have known me for years, you know that I regularly become very excited about something, declare it to be my new "thing" and about a month later I'm on to something else. This has happened with more things than I can count, from knitting (I can make a MEAN scarf) to my intense desire to learn how to play the zither after hearing this song.  It's not that I can't stick to something if I really need or want to...I just get kind of bored. In high school, I was constantly busy working or dancing or having a social life so I didn't have this issue, but ever since I started college, every few months to a year I decide that I'm going stir crazy and need to do something new. It doesn't matter how amazing I feel like my life is, I start to get bored.

Usually I don't have trouble finding new hobbies. I'm an avid pinterester but right now, it's just not coming as easily as I want it to. Sure it might be fun to learn how to make my own candles from crayons or knit with my arms, but really what does that get me? A lot of not so great looking or smelling candles and a lumpy blanket? No thanks. The crayons would be better used by kindergarteners and I'd probably just end up with my arms tied together.

With Pinterest failing me, and my random google searches of "what should my hobby be" or "I'm bored" turning up absolutely zilch, I am taking suggestions.  Any ideas for me?!