A little clarity...

Hello Joyflakes!

Apparently my last post caused a little confusion so I am going to try and clarify it for all of you.

Last night I went to dinner with my sister.  We are still trying to learn how to be friends with each other (not that we haven't always been friends, please don't get upset about that line, I just think we're still figuring it out), so going out to eat is one of our favorite activities (it gives me something to do with my hands).  We went out for pizza at Pagliai's, one of the places we have been going since we were very small children and oddly enough, were seated in the same booth as always.  We both work a lot and it was good to have some time to chat and catch up just the two of us.  While eating a delicious veggie special pizza with pepperonis, my sister brought up my blog and kindly let me know that she and my mom were surprised to find out that I never want to get married.  This was a complete shock to me because in my mind, I had just written about the fact that while I am very happy for my friends that are getting married, I am also very happy that I am not getting married YET.  I guess the yet part of the post didn't translate well.

I used to have a timeline that I thought I needed to benchmark my life by (engaged by 24, married by 25, kids, if I had them, by 27) but over the past few years that timeline has felt more like a death sentence than a goal.  Being the last of my friends to get engaged just solidified the fact that I don't feel the need to benchmark my life by what everyone else is doing. So for all of my family and friends that read this and are now throughly confused, yes, I do eventually want to get married. I am just so incredibly happy with where my life is right now, I don't see any need to change it.

Until tomorrow,