Pass the popcorn please!!!!

Hello Joyflakes!

I hope that you all had a lovely weekend filled with relaxing, good food, and a snuggly old/new blanket (like the one currently on my bed that is new to me but old to my roommate).  This past weekend was full of all of those things for me.  I was sick at the end of last week and spent most of my weekend curled up with blankets and netflix.  It was a wonderful way to spend the weekend.  Just recently (as in 20 minutes ago), I came across THIS on my Facebook wall and in combination with the weather report for this week was inspired to put together a list of must watch netflix instant titles.

1. Lost Girl
            A series about a badass succubus finding her place between light and dark.  Slightly scifi and creepy but positively addicting.

2. Gilmore Girls
           Nothing like some witty banter and references to movies you've never seen!

3. The L Word
           For those of you who are straight, this will be enlightening, funny, and make you jones for a perfect lesbian posse.  For those of you who are not, this will be enlightening, funny, and make you jones for a perfect lesbian posse.

4. Hunger Games
           J-Law is my queen.

5. Heart of Dixie
          Everyone needs a Wade in their life.

6. Gossip Girl
          Scandal, sex, money, and plaid skirts....need I say more?

7. Mona Lisa Smile
          Julia Roberts lays some serious knowledge on every character in this movie.  "It's art!"

8. Love Actually
          TG this is on netflix because my sister literally wore her dvd out.  I didn't even know that was possible!

9. You've Got Mail
           A classic.  You simply cannot go wrong with a Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks matchup.  Also, filmed when Meg Ryan had her old face so it's a must.

10. Greek
            Wether you were in greek life or not, this show will make you laugh, cry, and want to go back to college.

11. Silver Linings Playbook

12. Friday Night Lights
            The tv show, not the movie.  I'll give you two reasons, one is Tim Riggins and the second is Lyla Garrity. "Clear eyes, full heart, can't lose!"

13. Chopped
            It will make you truly believe you can make something amazing out of the odds and ends in your fridge...which also means that you won't have to brave the tundra to visit the grocery store.

14. Any Disney Anything
             Sure to make you laugh, cry, and believe in true love.

15. Everafter
            The best thing that Drew Barrymore has done other than Whip It.

16. Shooter
            Marky-Mark teaching you how to be a recluse, badass, and outrun the cops all in one film.

17. Forest Gump
            There are no words to describe my love of this movie.

18. Dirty Dancing
            You'll  have the time of your life and be singing "hungry eyes" forever more.

19. The Birdcage
            One of Robin Williams finest movies and something that should be included in any instant watch list forever more in my opinion.

20. Rent
           Oh my god the feels!

There you have it.  Enough instant watch goodness to keep you satisfied for at least a month.  Simply add popcorn, I like mine with Buffalo Wild Wings Buffalo Dry Rub,  a cozy blanket, and someone (if that someone is your dog, I'm jealous of you) to cuddle and you're set!

Until next time,


P.S. What are your favorite netflix instant watch movies to cozy up to?!

Saturday Sounds 11.8.14

Happy Saturday Joyflakes!!!

I was a litte preoccupied last Saturday due to the whole having friends in town thing and completely missed posting something to make your ears happy but have no fear! Saturday sounds will still be around for a good long while.  To kick off the start of the cold and dark months here in Iowa, I've chosen something to accompany cozy blankets, fuzzy socks, and a nice hot cup of tea.  Enjoy lovies!


Old Friends And Football

Hello Joyflakes!

This past weekend one of my very best friends from high school came to visit with her fiancee.  AJ and I met on a houseboat trip on the Mississippi river just before my sophomore year of high school.  Over the next few years we spent as many weekends as possible (she was from another town) at each others houses doing everything from watching movies to trying to catch potatoes shot out of a cannon with the ranger (please do not try this unless you are, like us, professionals).  I have some of my very best memories with her and am incredibly lucky to have had her in my life all these years.  

The last time that I had seen AJ and Carley was while I was still living in Ames about a year ago.  They came to visit and tailgate for the day but we didn't get to spend nearly enough time together in my opinion. They arrived Friday night in time for the Halloween party and it was great to get to catch up and spend some time just chatting! 

On Saturday we got up early and made breakfast (waffle iron cinnamon rolls, eggs, and bacon), and then headed out for a little tailgating before the Hawks played Northwestern.  Carley and Misha had never been into historic Kinnick Stadium before so it was great that we were able to borrow my grandparents tickets and had AMAZING seats (thanks guys!). The weather was absolutely perfect and the game was a blast. We participated in one of the amazing card stunts I'm never there for, ate peanuts, and pretty much lost our voices cheering the Hawks to an outstanding victory over Northwestern. It was such a great game for us to be at!
Yay tailgating!

Possibly one of my favorite things EVER.

After the game, we hit up the ped mall for some of Georges Best Gyros and a shopping excursion to Ragstock before Carley and AJ went to see family before heading home.  All in all it was a wonderful weekend.  Here's hoping it's not another full year before we get to see them again!

Until next time,


A little clarity...

Hello Joyflakes!

Apparently my last post caused a little confusion so I am going to try and clarify it for all of you.

Last night I went to dinner with my sister.  We are still trying to learn how to be friends with each other (not that we haven't always been friends, please don't get upset about that line, I just think we're still figuring it out), so going out to eat is one of our favorite activities (it gives me something to do with my hands).  We went out for pizza at Pagliai's, one of the places we have been going since we were very small children and oddly enough, were seated in the same booth as always.  We both work a lot and it was good to have some time to chat and catch up just the two of us.  While eating a delicious veggie special pizza with pepperonis, my sister brought up my blog and kindly let me know that she and my mom were surprised to find out that I never want to get married.  This was a complete shock to me because in my mind, I had just written about the fact that while I am very happy for my friends that are getting married, I am also very happy that I am not getting married YET.  I guess the yet part of the post didn't translate well.

I used to have a timeline that I thought I needed to benchmark my life by (engaged by 24, married by 25, kids, if I had them, by 27) but over the past few years that timeline has felt more like a death sentence than a goal.  Being the last of my friends to get engaged just solidified the fact that I don't feel the need to benchmark my life by what everyone else is doing. So for all of my family and friends that read this and are now throughly confused, yes, I do eventually want to get married. I am just so incredibly happy with where my life is right now, I don't see any need to change it.

Until tomorrow,


"it's happening. right now, trying to call family"

It happend.  I've known that this day was coming for a while and to be very honest, I've been doing my best to block it out of my thoughts completely.  We're not talking put it away in a cardboard box in my mind, we're talking about building a great wall of china around it. Keeping out even the tiniest of thoughts, which is incredibly difficult given my line of work and I'm sure that I regularly fail at it.

So what happened when the bomb finally dropped?  First, I'm going to be very honest, I freaked out a little bit. I did a little happy dance, immediately started planning, and sent a text that I am completely sure did not convey the proper amount of emotions happening inside of my person. Second, I took note of the fact that the bomb had finally dropped and I was the only one left standing.  I had been anticipating loneliness, dread, and mild anxiety, but what I instead felt, was something akin to (dare I say it?) relief?  

Working in jewelry I am surrounded daily by talk about wedding rings and engagements.  As a 24 year old, I'm bombarded with engagement announcements on all forms of social media.  Being a girl, I was taught from a very young age that my engagement and wedding would be the most amazing moments of my life outside of the day that I inevitably pop out a child. The problem with this is, that all of that makes the amazing date you went on or the surprise Savion Glover tickets (yes I am STILL fangerling over here) that you received, somehow less important.  Why is it that we have to hit the next "mile stone" in order to feel like our lives are on the right track? Why can't we just savor those happy moments and teach little girls that the best day of their life will be the day they meet their best friend?

With that wonderful and exciting text still fresh in my inbox, I officially became the last of the small circle of friends that I speak to on a daily or weekly basis without a ring on that very special finger.  I thought I would be more, I don't know, depressed about it? but in actuality, it solidified what I have been thinking for a while now.  I am also the only person I know that doesn't have to worry about seating plans, menus, cake flavors, save the dates, invitations, registries, hurting peoples feelings, dealing with in-laws (not that I don't love my significant others family, but that takes things up a significant notch), and the pressure to have one singular "perfect" day that you (hopefully) only get once.  I get to enjoy every day and keep dreaming about that "perfect" someday.

So to all of my wonderful and amazing happily engaged besties, CONGRATULATIONS!  I am so happy for all of you and absolutely cannot wait to drink, dance, and celebrate with you on your special day! And thank you for making all of the decisions for me so I can do the drinking, dancing, and celebrating with you and just enjoy it!

Until next time

All Hallows Eve 2014

Hi there Joyflakes!

For those of you who are completely unaware of what is happening in the world around you or what day it is, this past Friday was Halloween.  Most years, I choose my costume the night of and only after I have been forced into agreeing to go out.  Last year, I have zero recollection of doing anything for Halloween so lets pretend I stood my ground for once.  I'm pretty sure I spent halloween on my couch with a bowl of popcorn.  Although neither of us enjoy this particular holiday, this year Halloween was a slightly more thought out occasion.  My girlfriends friends from law school were throwing a party (costumes mandatory) and therefore we were obligated to attend.  Our first few costume ideas were pretty adorable and funny.  "Jack and Jill after the hill" was vetoed after learning that another couple was planning on it.  "Max and a Monster" was out because my figuring out a white onesie was apparently more than I could handle. "Salt and Pepper" or "Salt 'n' Peppa" was too overdone.  The list of options went on and on and on thanks to Pinterest but nothing really felt right for us.  I was incredibly close to suggesting we go as two people at home handing out candy (sweats and a bowl of candy) when I stumbled across the perfect option.

Paula Deen is one of my favorite cooks.  I know that there are many people who will say that she is a horrid human being (trust me I've heard it all) but I hold to the fact that she is wonderful if only because she is funny and southern and not afraid to get messy in the kitchen while making something delicious.  That is why when I stumbled across a non-traditional couples costume featuring one of my idols I knew that we had finally found our perfect costume.  I went as Paula (big hair, spatula and all!) and my girlfriend went as my favorite ingredient, butter.

For two people to aren't fans of dressing up for Halloween, I think we killed it.

Until next time!