Love Letter Home

Happy #ThrowbackThursday Joyflakes!

There's nothing like midwestern sweetcorn in the summer :)

My freshman year of college I had to do a writing assignment about where I grew up.  We were supposed to focus on how our environment shaped us an our feelings while we grew up.  Did we feel safe? Cultured? Happy? Anxious?  For me that meant trying to paint my memory so vividly and with so much detail that whoever read it would feel like they were really there, right down to the smells.  What was supposed to be a paragraph writing assignment ended up actually being 3 pages long and is to this day one of my favorite things I've ever written.

On my lunch break the other day, walking through the ped-mall to my favorite salad bar I started thinking about what I had written and what I would write if I were given that assignment today.  A lot of the physical traits of my city would stay exactly how they were, but a lot of the feelings would change.  Here's what I came up with.

"I live in a city of dreamers."  We dream big.  We hope for a future of realized freedoms stemming from a life of ideals and morals instilled by generations of hard working, soft-spoken, "Iowa nice", midwesterners.  Tucked into this plush green farmland patchwork quilt we are nurtured and primed to someday venture out into the hardened world and bring those hopes and dreams to fruition.  We are brought, at once both sleepily and fully energized, into the "real world" prepared to shower the goodness of where we are from upon the rest of the world.

Hello from the heartland! <3 Mr. Grasshopper
This time it would have fit the requirements of the assignment but simply because there haven't been beautiful enough words to fully describe where I'm from.  It's the heartland and backbone of America and I'm truly blessed to have grown up here.