Happy Wednesday Joyflakes!

It was my day off today and due the fact that it's snowing and cold outside again, I'm spent my day inside by the fire and drinking lots of tea.  On Wednesday's I would usually stay in bed for as long as possible and then proceed to gorge myself on Netflix but today, I woke up to my alarm and was immediately ready to get up (why does that never happen on my working days?).  The problem with today being the day that I get the urge to be productive is that I tidied up last night, did all my laundry on Sunday, and have nothing to do.

Of course having nothing to do means that I will spend my entire day online watching Youtube videos, pinning everything in sight, and stalking people I haven't seen in a while on Facebook. Due to the fact that I'm spending my entire day on social media websites, I thought to myself, "Self! Today is the perfect day to write a blog post about Pinterest! Quit procrastinating and do it!" so here it is.

The 10 ways I use Pinterest daily

1. Recipe Ideas

Y'all may be unaware but I LOVE food.  I am always up for trying new things and really enjoy cooking new recipes.  The only problem with this love is that I really dislike going grocery shopping. While this does help me to try a lot of new restaurants, it also means that I frequently look in my fridge and try to concoct something out of almost nothing. Sometimes when I'm trying to figure something out the only thing that sparks my imagination is looking at my food board on Pinterest. That's how I managed to make up the best homemade buffalo mac and cheese recipe ever out of the 4 things I had left in my fridge.

2. Outfit Inspiration

It's pretty easy to feel like I have "nothing to wear" even when all of my laundry is done simply because I've warn everything multiple times and reimagining specific outfits can be a daunting task.  Luckily, my style board is full of looks that I love.  Some of them are combinations that I never would have thought of or am trying to get the courage up to try and there have been many days that I've fallen in love with and old shirt simply because I paired it with something I've never tried before.

3. Home Decor

While my "Dream Home" board is incredible, extravagant, and will probably only ever going to be a dream, the aesthetics of the images I've pinned are a great guide for my internal interior designer.  Since I recently moved into a new place, I've been spending a TON of time pouring over pin boards of home decor.

4. Planning Dream Vacations

I have an extensive list of places that I want to see before I die and Pinterest is the best possible way for me to get there before I can afford it and without leaving my home.

5. Makeup and Hair Tutorials

 Those of you who have known me for my whole life know that I only recently (pretty much when I went to college) started wearing makeup on an incredibly regular basis. Due to that fact, I've used Pinterest to learn new things and to find out what products I should try out.


I like to change up my nail color frequently.  While I was in school I would change it roughly every 3 days.  Needless to say, I like to do more than just a single color and I get a LOT of ideas from pinterest.

7. Tattoos

As you all know from my previous post, I love tattoos.  I think they're beautiful and interesting and love that they're always with you.  Pinterest is a place where tattoos can be celebrated.  It's where I get to look at the amazing artwork and have even found inspiration for my own tattoos there.

8. Crafting

One of my favorite things to do is watch movies and craft and I'm always looking for new ideas of things to make. My current project is an American flag wreath in honor of the olympics that I found on while in the middle of a lunch break pinterest session.

9. Fitness

There are zillions of fitness pins and it is incredibly easy to find new workouts and motivational techniques.  My personal favorites are the yoga and pilates tutorials.

10. Procrastination/Time Killing

Pinterest is to blame for many of my late nights and lost hours.  It is so easy to get sucked in and go on a pinning rampage that it can be dangerous in some ways.  The nice thing though, is that it is also very easy to kill the extra 15 minutes of your lunch hour or the hour between classes when you don't have anything to do.

I started writing this entry at about 10:00 this morning and now at almost 10:00 at night (I took breaks to eat and meet up with some friends), I'm finally finished.  There are many more pins on my boards thanks to today's topic so follow my pinterest, check out my boards, and let me know what some of your favorite things about pinterest are!