Happy Thursday Joyflakes!!!!

I am unbelievably excited for today because I am currently watching the very first broadcast of the 2014 winter Olympics!  It's not a secret that I am slightly obsessed with America and the Olympics are one of the few times that my love for America can overflow without being too annoying.  To start the 2014 Olympics off right, I'm letting you all in on my favorite things to watch during the winter olympics :)

1. Snowboarding

I LOVE to watch absolutely anything to do with snowboarding.  Maybe it's because I've never done it or maybe because I'm in complete awe of all people who can jump off of things, flip around, and land on their feet but I will be glued to my TV for as many snowboarding events as possible.  I'm also stoked to watch slope style.

2. Curling

Possibly one of the strangest sports ever, curling is one of the most intense of winter sports.  From the first time I watched a nerd sweep the ice in front of a large rock with a handle I was hooked.  Curling reminds me of all of the "sports" we used to make up when we were kids and stuck inside on snow days.

3. Ski Jumping

More of that whole jumping from extreme heights and landing on your feet thing.  Plus this year they've added women's ski jumping!

4. Bobsledding

Jamaica.  Need I say more?

5. Figure Skating

My grandmother absolutely loves figure skating.  She has been a fan since forever and any time that it is on television she watches.  This meant that I grew up idolizing figure skaters like Michelle, Tara, and Kristi.  Although I never did anything more than learn how to skate backwards, I have always loved watching skating and talking about it with my grandmother.  Needless to say, I'll be calling to talk about this whole "team figure skating" thing.  Plus there's a real thing called a "sow cow" what's better than that??

6. Skiing

There's nothing like a good comeback story to warm my heart on a cold winter night.

There are TONS more events that I'll be tuning in for but these 6 are the one's I've already got scheduled on my DVR.  Follow my twitter @KNdoubleU for some amazing commentary on all of these events!

GO TEAM USA!!!!!!!!!