Familia es todo

Mondays are hard.  They force you back to reality and out of the comfy nest of relaxation that each weekend brings.  Working in retail, I only have a one day weekend so when I have too much to do and have to use that day to catch up at work, the thought of getting up and dealing with another Monday is even less exciting.  This past Monday was one of those days.  I managed to force myself out of bed, get ready, and brave the frozen tundra that Iowa has become this winter to make it to work on time and mentally prepared for lots of calls to vendors that aren't open on weekends.

Thanks to the fact that I was able to work on Sunday, I managed to get through most of my to-do list fairly quickly so when a couple walked into the store and headed straight for me I was surprised and praying that I hadn't forgotten an appointment.  It turned out that I hadn't and instead, I was standing face to face with my second cousin Leslie and her husband Roger!  Having never met them, I was absolutely flabbergasted and elated that they had stopped by to say "hi" and get to know me a little bit.

Leslie, Roger and I talked for well over an hour and hearing stories from when my mom was little or my grandparents were first married was such a treat.  There was never a lull in the conversation and I felt like I had known them my whole life.  When they headed back to Omaha with a promise to call if they were ever in town, I couldn't help but think about all of the family members I have but haven't met.  My father lost touch with his family, especially those who stayed in Puerto Rico, and although I've always spent a TON of time with my close family, I've never met a lot of the family my mom and uncles grew up with.

Mehe world.  We group text each other (literally all of us) at least once a week (more if the Hawkeyes are playing) and always make the extra effort to see each other and stay updated on everything going on in each others lives.  Meeting Leslie and Roger only reiterates that and the fact that family is everything.  They're there for you no matter what and even if they haven't met you yet, you have a connection unlike any other.   Never forget that.  Familia es TODO.