Iowa Nice

This weekend I had a couple of very good friends in town.  One of whom, also blogs and this weekend we shared a truly bloggable moment.

Every time that Austin and I are in our home town at the same time we have a couple of traditions.  First, we have lunch at our favorite noodle place Z'mariks Noodle Cafe, and then have dessert at Whitey's Ice Cream (this is literally the best ice cream place ever). No matter how cold it is we do both of these things.  This has been a tradition since we were in high school and I am proud to say that we have carried it on through military deployments, college, and living in completely different parts of the country.

After turning 18, we added another part to this tradition and that is going to The Red Poppy and smoking hookah.  Sometimes we end up going with a huge group of friends and other times (like this time) it's just a couple of us.  This time, since it's the middle of the arctic vortex here in the midwest we decided to simply go and have a super chill night of catching up and trying new flavor combinations.  Austin, my friend Misha and I were all having a wonderful time chatting about god knows what when these two people walked into the back room where we were sitting and asked if anyone had room for 2 more.

Since turning 21 we've added wine to the mix (The Red Poppy lets you bring your own!)

Being the welcoming person that I believe myself to be, I invited them to join us.  We quickly learned that their names were Logan and Eve and had no idea what The Red Poppy was before they walked in, and also had no idea what hookah was.  We explained the logistics of how a hookah works, what hookah is, and then proceeded to try our best to blow smoke rings (disclaimer, I am incapable and did not try this time).  Logan and Eve are amazing people.  They were extremely nice and within about 2 minutes of having them at our table, we had found out 2 people that we knew in common and that we had gone to the same camp growing up.

Nights like this past Saturday make me really happy that I'm from Iowa.  There's a certain difference in the people here and the way that we treat each other.  It's beyond polite and more than southern charm.  There's nothing to call it but "Iowa Nice" and I'm proud to be from this place.  Thanks to Austin, Misha, Logan and Eve for reminding me of that!

Austin, Me, Misha, Logan, and Eve


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