Tis the season

Every day on my lunch break I walk past an older gentleman holding a sign.  He is fairly warmly dressed, though for a day like today filled with freezing rain and the promise of the snowpcoloypse, I doubt that he is wearing enough layers.  There are hundreds and hundreds of people like this throughout the country and lots of us walk past them every day.  I generally just walk by them and avert my eyes with the hopes that they won't ask me for spare change. I rarely give one of these people any change because I'm too much of a skeptic and I've seen too many of them smoking or drinking with the money they've begged for food or warm clothes.

There is something different about this man though.  Yes, I've seen him smoking, but he has never once asked me for anything.  His sign says something positive about the holiday season currently, and he simply murmurs "Merry Christmas" or "Have a nice day ma'am". So as I walked past him on my way to lunch this time, my head bent against the cold, I decided that I have more than enough and he deserved a warm lunch too.

3.99 and a brisk walk later, both of us had a warm lunch and a smile on our faces.  It's amazing what a simple act of kindness can do for your mood and for others.

Happy giving season joyflakes!

XOXO ~ Kae