S Curves

Hello Joyflakes!

There are so many changes happening in my life at the moment that I'm feeling especially blessed for the opportunity to blog and share all of my experiences and thoughts with you folks.  Today's blog was supposed to be about curly hair care, but as I sat down to write it last night, something very different came out.

Over the next month I will be moving back to my home town in Iowa and leaving behind a life that I thought I would have to have a life that I promised myself that I would NEVER have.  I cannot believe the way that things have turned out, but I also could not be more excited about it.

My uncle Bob likes to give talks to his nieces and nephews.  He's given us speeches about how to chop down a tree, the importance of having a five year plan (even if it changes), and the proper way to do just about everything in life, but one day he gave all of us younger generation a talk that has always really stuck with me.  We were at our cabin in the Northwoods, all sitting around the hors d'ouvres table, when Bob started to talk about what he calls "s curves".

The theory is that your life is a series of S curves.  They create a straight line, but never completely match up.  As you travel along one curve, there is a plateau, an up, and a down and each is a different length.  As you reach the end of a curve, you also reach a large life change.  It may be scary or unexpected but you have to keep traveling along the line of curves so you have no choice but to jump to the next and see where it takes you.

With the changes that I'm facing over the next month, I can't help but think of all the possibilities that my new s curve will bring.  I know that there will be up and downs over the next year, but the reward of feeling like I've FINALLY started down the right path far outweighs the risk.

Have any of you been changing s curves lately?

Love and joyflakes,