Moving Boxes

Hello Joyflakes!!!!

I'm writing from you today from my future home in my old home town.  The past few weeks have FLOWN by and I feel like things aren't going to settle down around here for quite some time.  I'm in the process of moving and things are hectic to say the least.  On top of working two jobs and finishing up one class, I am packing all of my belongings into boxes.  I don't know about you, but moving is one of my least favorite activities.  Not only are you forced to do the physical parts, moving and lifting and packing and unpacking, but you are also forced to take a good hard look at everything you own.

For most people my age, this means saying goodbye to your college decorating scheme and adopting something a bit more sophisticated and finally getting things from your parents house; for me, things are a tad different.  My parents moved out of the home I grew up in last new year to move to Kentucky and my siblings and I were faced with the option to store our life long possessions, or donate/toss them.  This meant that ALL of my furniture (which I hadn't needed because of living in a sorority house) and mementos and keepsakes were moved to Ames where I went to school.  In order to have a place for all of this stuff, I moved into a cozy one bedroom apartment and set it up as though I would be there for at least 2 years.  I decorated and got out some of my favorite things from my room growing up and created a place that I truly felt was my home.   All of that was well and god but now that I'm moving much earlier than anticipated, I have to pack all of that again.

This process has taught me some very important things about my self.  First off, I am sentimental almost to a fault.  There are so many things in my apartment that I absolutely cannot bear to part with because they remind me of my 4 years in Ames, my sorority sisters, and the life I made there. The thought of getting rid of any of it gives me immediate anxiety. The second thing however, is that I own way too much crap.  Things that I thought were so cute that I had to have them right then and there, I now wish I had just kept my 20 bucks instead.

In order to combat my tendency to keep things that I truly do not need, I've devised a plan.  I'm writing it here because once I've put it out into the bloggerverse I feel like I have to stick to it.  It's a simple plan really, if I haven't used something in the past 2 months, I will throw it away or donate it.  If it's an article of clothing, and I have not worn it in the past 2 months (with the exception of seasonal clothing), I will try it on; if it fits it can stay, if it doesn't, it gets donated.  Im hoping that this plan will help me to decrease the amount of things that I own by at least 25%.  Just writing that gives me anxiety but it's something that I have to do.  If I don't do it now, I never will and I'll end up like one of those creepy hoarders.

Wish me luck dolls!

XOXO -- Kae