Christmas Cookies!!!

Hello Joyflakes!

I'm incredibly excited for this post because it is about one of my absolute favorite things, CHRISTMAS COOKIES!!!!!!!!!  My entire family would tell you that I'm not a very picky eater but I am VERY particular about the foods served at Christmas.   Each year since I can remember, we've had the exact same foods for christmas dinner and any time that someone tried to change the menu I would get very upset.  This is especially true when it comes to the cookies, so here are my absolute favorites.

6. Russian Tea Cakes

My brother's favorite Christmas cookie, these little balls of nutty shortbready butter cookies are bite full's of deliciousness coated in powdered sugar.

5. Toffee Bars

These are my great grandmas recipe.  They're chewy, chocolatey, and just a little salty from the nuts :)

4. Pretzel cookies

So simple but SOOOOO yummy!  Finding the circular wreath pretzels every year is tricky but that's part of the fun.  White chocolate and M&M's finish off these tasty sweet and salty cookies

3. Peppermint Meringues

When my cousin was diagnosed with celiac disease, we were challenged with finding a Christmas cookie that was both delicious and gluten free and it was Meringue to the rescue!  These simple melt in your mouth cookies are great when flavored with peppermint (a little red food coloring on one side of a piping bag gives them a swirly look).  Sometimes we add a little cocoa powder into the mix for a chocolate version.

2. Sugar Cookies : Thin and crispy

These cookies are fully ingrained in my memory as the ultimate Christmas cookie.  When I was little I called them "cut out cookies" and to this day that is how we refer to them.  Some of my absolute best memories are of decorating these cookies with my family around my grandparents kitchen table.

1. Spritz

Spritz cookies are all that is right in the world pressed into perfect little shapes.  These classic butter cookies are sinfully good without being overly rich and I think I could eat a zillion of them.  They are by far my favorite cookie and christmas just isn't right without them.

What are some of your favorite Christmas cookies?!  I'd love to try out some new recipes and see if they could get added to the list of classics!

XOXO -- Kae

*Unfortunately I haven't had time to bake yet so all images are courtesy of google…I tried to find the ones that look most like my family favorites