Big Things Are Happening

Happy hump day joyflakes!

I can't believe that today I'm officially going to be an Iowa City area resident again.  That is something I swore wouldn't happen until I had kids and even then chances were slim.  My friends Kenny and M are coming to Ames to help me load up a U-Haul and close a chapter of my life.  At 23 big life changes are pretty normal and I'm stoked about the way that things in my life have been falling into place lately.  I'm also super excited that I can finally talk about the other big changes going on in my life!

My older siblings are both taking giant leaps in their lives as well.  My brother, Martin, is getting married in 23 days to a woman that our entire family absolutely adores and I can't wait to call my sister. Their wedding has been very much anticipated and we cannot wait to get together in Vail this January to celebrate their love.

Monica, my older sister, is doing something that to be honest I wasn't sure she would ever do.  She is moving completely out of her comfort zone and taking her business to the big apple.  I love my sister very much but I also feel a lot of the time like she needs to push herself more.  The fact that she finally is makes me so very proud.  Her willingness to move across the country to make her dreams a reality is so admirable.

I'm lucky to have such an amazing family to support me and I could not be happier that we're all taking the next big steps in our lives.  It's been crazy trying to manage all of these changes at the same time and the stress of it all gets to me sometimes, so having siblings who always answer my panicked phone calls is truly a blessing.  No matter how crazy and stressful our lives are, we've always got each others backs and I cannot wait to see what the next few months bring us as we settle into our new lives.

XOXO ~ Joyflakes

P.S. Just after hitting the publish button on this post I read a quote on my friend Steven's Facebook that is so incredibly fitting I had to add a PS to this post.

"Everything you ever wanted was on the other side of fear"