The classic thanksgiving post

Happy Thanksgiving Joyflakes!

It's not really thanksgiving without a turkey note :)

I hope that you are all enjoying some wonderful family, food, and football today!  There are lots of things I have to be thankful for this year and although I would love to share them all with you, they would take me about a zillion years to write out.  Instead, I've decided to let you in on my favorite things about Thanksgiving.

1. Family (DUH!)

I have an amazing family.  There aren't a huge number of us, 17 including aunts, uncles, cousins, and significant others, but we are a very tight knit family.  Although we aren't able to all be in the same place for every holiday, were spread across 4 states ranging from CO to NY, it's a day that I get to talk to EVERYONE in my family and I love it.

My Immediate family at my parents wedding

The whole famn damily. The 17 of us clean up quite nicely!

2. Food (Double DUH!)

The Thanksgiving spread put on by the W family is unlike any other.  Actually, it's probably a lot like many families spreads but each of the elements has something special in it. We have my grandfathers special way of cooking our turkey that always ends up perfectly moist and juicy with a crispy golden skin, my great grandmothers zucchini bread, grandpas regular stuffing and oyster dressing, moms mashed potatoes, great grandmas orange jello salad, and my very own cranberry sauce.  I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

The Traditional Spread!

Perfection EVERY year!

3. Friends

We have been having Thanksgiving at my grandparents house since before I could remember.  With the exception of a few years that my brother was in college, we've rarely missed a thanksgiving at G&G's on forest road.  The thing about my grandparents house is that my siblings and I spent a LOT of time there growing up.  We went every summer since it was close to camp (and when we worked there we basically lived with them) and more weekends than I could even try to count while we were growing up since it's just an hour from my hometown.  Due to the above average amount of time I spent there growing up, I have a TON of very close friends in their town and the holidays are one time now that I can be sure that I'll get to see a majority of them.

4. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

I've always loved tradition and I love that this parade has welcomed the holiday season for so many years.  I have a great many fond memories of stirring bubbling and steaming pots, watching my grandmother prep an amazing meal, and watching thousands of people dance along while GIANT balloons of cartoon characters float along the streets of New York City.


This may sound a lot like #2 but it is truly one of the best parts about thanksgiving.  Having thick cut turkey breast and cranberry sauce sandwiches (they're better than they sound) and mashed potatoes at all hours of the day? Yes please!  Not to mention the fact that my grandmother makes turkey noodle casserole/hot dish from the leftovers and it's one of my absolute favorite meals.  I know that it can be made any time of year as long as you want to cook a turkey breast, but there's something special about having it the weekend after Thanksgiving that I absolutely love.

6. Tryptophan

Naps are one of my favorite things and there is something quite wonderful about a turkey induced nap time built into a holiday :)

7. Two Words


Enjoy the holiday everyone!!!

Love and Joyflakes,