The best friend pact

WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS INFORMATION THAT FAIMLY MAY FIND UNCOMFORTABLE (Sister informed me that it's a little much for the people who raised me)

Hello my little joyflakes!  I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend and didn't wake up this morning with a case of the "Mondays".  I had a very relaxing weekend and am very much looking forward to the next one.  I'll be back in my hometown again and cannot wait to spend some quality time with old friends and family.  For today's post I had some trouble deciding just what exactly I would write about.  So far I've shared with you some of my favorite things, an organization that is extremely important to me, and let you in on some of the very important lessons I've learned throughout my 23 years of life but I just couldn't decide what I wanted to write about next.  

This all changed when I got to work today.  My very good friend Haley and I work together at a local cookie shop and today's shift was especially slow.  We had very few customers and plenty of time to talk.  With so much time to chat, we of course ended up having a heart to heart about the gentlemen in our lives, both past and present.  We are both currently single and learning just how exactly to put ourselves first in each and every way.  This may sound wonderful but it is truthfully one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.  I’m the girl who has ALWAYS had a boyfriend and learning how to be single and happy about it is a big step for me. 

Throughout our heart to heart, we both came to the realization that one aspect of our love lives needed to be put on hold completely for a while so that we could clear our hearts and heads for whoever we decided was worthy of our time.  Yes folks, I’m talking about sex.  Although I won’t share with you specifics, I will share with you my beliefs about this very controversial topic.  I have always believed that sex is not something to be ashamed of.  As long as you are truly happy with the decisions you’re making and are COMFORTABLE, sex can be a very wonderful thing.   I don’t think one night stands are a terrible thing, I think that sometimes sex can just be sex, and I don’t think that you should ever be ashamed of it.  I know that sex can complicate relationships and that it is not something to be taken lightly, but I also know that sex can be fun.  I feel that I should clarify that this belief does not mean that I have a lot of sex.  I would say that I have a very average sex life for someone of my age.

All of hat being said, I feel like sex and I just need to take a break from each other, and Haley agrees with me.  This realization lead to us making a VERY serious pact.  We have both decided that for one month, we will be celibate.  Some of you may be thinking “one month!? That’s easy!” but making the commitment to say no to people we may have normally said yes to is not that easy!  So together we wrote up our pact, decided on a punishment for breaking it and a reward for making it, and signed it in blood (I’m serious; this is a blood oath).  We have also decided that it can be extended for another month if either or both of us wants to keep going/feels the other one needs to keep going.  I feel like the next month is going to teach us both a lot about ourselves and our views on life, love, and relationships and I strangely couldn’t be more excited for a month of celibacy.

Love and Joyflakes dolls!