Not all sisters are biological

             First of all, I wasn't sure that I would be posing about my college experience in specific detail on this blog.  I thought, "I won't name names, and I won't mention organizations, I'll be vague." but after reading this piece, I've realized that there will be a giant problem with not naming the name of one of the most important experiences I have ever had. I knew that at at some point I'd be writing about my thoughts on greek life but I had no idea how soon that would be!
              I am a proud member of Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity, Iota Sigma Chapter.  I joined my sophomore year of college and am so blessed for all of the amazing women that the organization helped me to meet.  I always knew that I would "go greek" when I went to school and when it didn't happen my freshman year, I was devastated, but the women of AOII accepted me my sophomore year and I could not be happier that it all worked out the way it did. AOII has allowed me the opportunity to be a leader, travel across the country, and to have a built in support system no matter where life takes me. I've met sisters in the most unlikely of places (including a grey haired woman on the interstate who "threw what she knew" at me after seeing the bumper stick on my back window) and am always surprised and overwhelmed by the way that this bond connects people who would be complete strangers.  It is really amazing how much being greek has taught me about life, love, friendship, and hard work.

Iota Sigma Chapter on Pref Night

My AMAZING Rose Sheaf Family

Sisters at the bowl game in Memphis, TN

Rock on Omicron!!!!!

Posing with our 4 amazing founders!

Pandas posing outside of International headquarters in Nashville, TN

AOII really is forever! With the famous Peg at International Leadership Academy in Nashville, TN

The seniors at our last event together :(

Formal with one of my Littles


Please take the time to read this article about the impact greek life can have on your life, not just for 4 years in college, but forever.