Finding my "Zen"

1. Doing my makeup -- there is something very relaxing about watching my face change.  Even when I'm not going anywhere it's fun to simply play and be girly!

2. Pinterest -- I've lost many hours to pinterest since first discovering it years ago.  I currently have 24 boards and 1420 pins.  This, I'm proud to say, is far less than I thought it would be.

3. Painting -- This is my ultimate zen activity.  I completely zone out and am very hard to bring back to earth.  Taking 30 minutes a day for pure creativity was one of my new years resolutions this past year and although I didn't always make it, the times that I have have very much increased my mood.

4. Looking at tattoos -- I have 5 tattoos currently and have numbers 6 and 7 in the works.  Tattoos will always be something I'm proud of and enjoy.  Mine all have meanings to me and I think it's truly wonderful to see someone else with something meaningful enough to want it with them forever.

5. Laughing -- My favorite ab workout and something I try my best to do every day.  I have to say a special thanks to Zoella and her many youtube videos for helping me to laugh and smile on a regular basis. This one, though not Zoella is always good for a laugh.

6. Shopping -- Specifically for shoes, nail polish, and new make-up.  I take forever to make decisions but I love the possibility of it all.

7. Baking -- I bake constantly.  Cookies are my specialty (I make all of our families christmas cookies each year) and love to try new recipes out.  I also bake brownies, muffins, pies, breads…pretty much everything but cake.  I have a strong aversion to all but one cake (my grandmothers spice cake) and do not like to bake them.  This will never change and will also be a problem if I ever decide to get married.  I also hate cupcakes; they're dumb.

8. Taking photographs -- I've been doing this since junior high and will always love to take portraits.  There's something special in capturing a moment in time forever

9. Kisses -- Even bad kisses are good kisses, it's a connection unlike any other.

10. Brushing my hair -- this is strange but I have VERY curly hair and brushing it when it's straightened is somewhat of a novelty. 

11. Working out -- "Endorphins make you happy"

12. Listening to music -- I'm particularly obsessed with singer songwriters like Whitley, The Civil Wars, and The Pigott Brothers. That being said, I am also a 23 year old girl and love me some top 40 (Gorilla is my guilty pleasure)

13. Painting my nails -- I change polish colors about every 3-4 days and love to try out new colors and designs.

14. Reading -- NOTHING compares to getting lost in another world for a few hours.

How do you find your zen?

Love and Joyflakes!